Emilie Faith Austin


Emilie Faith Austin

D.O.B: 31st August 2010

Our little girl, has grown into such a beautiful, sociable and caring child. She is adored and loved by many.

Unfortuanetly on the 16th September 2012, we came to realise that without signs she hadn’t been very well for sometime, and on this day we found out Emilie has a very rare child liver cancer, called Hepatoblastoma, with metastasis in both of her lungs.

Emilie will need to have many months of very intense Chemotherapy leading upto having a Liver Transplant, then followed by more Chemotherapy. The Liver Transplant will hopefully take place in January 2013 in Leeds General.

Please like follow Emilie’s journey through her ongoing battle against cancer, the up’s and down’s.

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Dave, Becky and Emilie x

59 thoughts on “Emilie Faith Austin

  1. Dear Dave and family, this has made me cry but not as much as it has you im sure. WIshing you all the love in the world x

  2. Dave, Becky & Emilie,

    Was moved to hear your story, and just wanted to wish you love and luck for the future. My son was born 10 years ago with a rare liver condition and subsequently had 2 major operations before having to wait from the age of 3 months, 1 1/2 years for a transplant which he has had successfully at Kings College Hospital, London. He is now 10 years old and fighting fit, we had times where we worried and cried ourselves to sleep, but we stick together as a family and pulled through thinking only that my son Paolo would recover and be well. Be strong for each other and pass our love on to Emilie, wishing you all a merry Christmas,

    Paul, Francesca, Paolo & Lucia x

  3. Becky and Dave….it breaks my heart to see the pain in your eyes as you face your worst nightmare. As your friends we feel angry and upset that this could happen to the most lovely couple and your gorgeous daughter. You don’t deserve this and Emilie does not deserve this.
    When I look at Emilie and see the updates and pictures we are constantly amazed at her progress. She continues to be the happy and bright little one that we have all fallen in love with since she arrived in 2010. She has such a fighting spirit which is a credit to you both. The reason she is so strong is because you are strong for her. I know that you live for Emilie, as she lives for you. Keep being strong for each other and know that we are always here for you. Love you all, debs, mark and kara xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Dear Becky, Dave and Emilie,

    The strength and courage you have shown as a family through this continues to amaze me. I feel truly blessed and honoured to have you as friends. Emilie is so beautiful and so brave. I can’t wait for a big celebration when she is at home and all this is behind her. Love always, Cara xxx

  5. Dear Becky, Dave & Emilie

    Such a brave and beautiful little girl. Emilie is so gorgeous. You are wonderful parents and such a rock for her. Always in my thoughts. Lots of love Dann Xxxx

  6. I have been reading your daily diary and have been moved by the pure courage and determination you and your little girl have to beat this terrible illness she sounds like a really positive and happy little girl I hope she is home for Christmas. Wishing you Lots of love x

  7. Dear Dave & Becky I was so very sorry to hear about your beautiful daughters Emilie’s illness. Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and say a little pray for Emilie every night. Keep strong God bless you all thinking of you lots of love Lyn xx

  8. Hi Becky Dave & the beautiful Emilie this is a great way to keep everyone updated on Em’s progress !! Sounds like she is going through it but is a true fighter my thoughts are with you at all times x x x x all my love Louisa

  9. Hi Becky Dave & Emilie, will continue to follow the progress whilst fighting this battle each day Emilie gets stronger ! It’s a sad story and has just made me cry reading this !
    Can’t begin to imagine what you are going through but I’m always thinking about each of you especially the little fighter !
    Keep strong all of you x x
    Louisa xxxxx

  10. Becky & dave, When I heard from school about Emilie, I was very shocked and upset. Your daughter is an amazing, inspirational little girl who is a true fighter. Your lovely pictures tell a story and the incredible journey that she is on. They have brought a tear to my eye, and I will definitely be following her through her treatment with your daily updates. You must be so proud of her, she is truly, truly courageous and a very beautiful little girl.

    Thinking of you all, sending big hugs and an extra special hug for Emilie.

    Karen Pickup & Family xxxxx

  11. Becky & Dave, we were shocked when we read the report in the local paper about Emilie and her cancer battle. We want you to know we are thinking of you all and most especially your beautiful daughter, Emilie. Your blog is a lovely way of telling how inspirational Emilie is and how well she seems to be coping with all that life has thrown at her in her first few years.

    Thinking of you all,
    Love from Ellie, Simon & Lewis Hourihan x

  12. Dear Becky, Dave & Emilie,
    Thank you for this blog. We think of you all every day and so will be able check on emilie’s progress as she fights this terrible disease.
    I have been amazed when I have seen her at how she is coping. She is well spirited despite all that she is going through; she is polite and jovial to the nurses even though she has lots done to her and she is kind to her little visitors despite feeling poorly. She may not always be this way but I do think she is remarkably brave and truly amazing. She has fantastic parents who are supporting and guiding her fight with complete devotion.
    We wish her well with this round of chemo so she can come home over the festive period. Fingers crossed.
    Sending lots of love jo, tim, Jess and Evie xxx

  13. I’m friends with Marie at Blemain finance and we’ve raised over £15,000 now for RMCH so hearing from Marie how this has helped brings it close to home, I am constantly asking poor Marie for updates when she mentioned the tv this morning and shared the blog with me hope you don’t mind
    I wish you all the very best in the coming months especially little Emilie she’s truly amazing, best regards and positive wishes
    Irene xx

    • Thank you so much Irene. Not at all I am very keen on the generous and hardworking people that raise funds for charities being told how much yours and everyone’s hardwork really does mean so much!
      Thankyou from me my wife & our beautiful daughter Emilie x

  14. Gosh my heart really hurts hearing this and a friend of yours did tell me about it. Having a 4 year old girl myself who is the world to me especially as I lost my mum to cancer. If there is anything I can do please let me know. In the mean time goodluck. God saves his hardest tests for his strongest, you can all beat this. Let’s make it a very much needed success story xxxxx

  15. lovely to hear Emilie progress, what a lovely thing to do writing a blog showing what a wonderful brave little girl she is, Harry reminded me of the fun she had at his xmas party in year 1 when you brought her in, we send all our love and best wishes ( have kept up to date from the gang at gorsey) Hugh hugs Emma, Steven, Harry and Ella xx

  16. Hi Emilie,
    Wishing you all the best and sending lots and lots of love xxxx Baby Sophie and her mummy Nicky in Australia told us about you. Thinking of you all the way from Australia and wishing you luck!!!!
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses from Baby Lenny and her mummy Lucy xxxxx

  17. Hi Emilie, Mummy and Daddy,
    Just wanted to say we are all thinking about you and can’t wait to see you all soon.
    With lots of love, hugs (and sloppy kisses from Archie the dog!!)
    Deb, Anna, Izzy and Archie xxxxx

  18. Thinking of you all today, as you have reached this milestone. The transplant sounds like it was successful and the fact that Emilie opened her eyes so soon after such a major op must surely be an excellent sign! I know it will be a while until she’s out of the woods but you are so used to taking a small step at a time! Stay positive and sending all our love. Shell, Phil, Brogan and Joe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Hi Becky & Dave

    Wishing Emilie all the best, thinking of you all. She sounds like a right little fighter – just like her mum. Xxx

  20. Dear emilie and family. I have read you story and blog and would like to raise awareness and help with the fundraising. I am a picture editor working with itv, associated news ie the standard, metro, daily mail and the mail on Sunday. I would like to work on a feature with you and get your fundraising out to a wider audience. Please let me know your thoughts as soon as possible.


    Hope we can help.

    Best regards

    Jo st mart

  21. I hope you don’t mind that I will pray for you and your darling daughter. I have children and just can’t imagine your pain. Take care. X

  22. Reading the story about your beautiful daughter has left me in pieces. I have twin daughters (21 months old now) they were born 9 wks early and spent over 6 wks in hospital having tests and others things done and we found that difficult enough. I don’t know how you and your family deal with such a massive thing as cancer in a child, I do know that you, you wife and Emilie truly are an inspiration to everyone. Your daughter is very lucky to have such amazing parents.
    My family and I will always be thinking of you all and praying for positive news.
    Scott, Paula, Faith and Olivia xx

  23. My daughter had her first transplant at 6 months old and has currently had another two only 3 months ago at the LGI hospital she is now 8 years old and doing well. Things will get easier and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep strong my thoughts are with you x

    • Thk u I’m so happy to hear about your child. Emilie seems to be handling things really well just wish she didn’t have another 4 months of chemo to follow.. I just feel that surely my little girl after fighting cancer in her liver and lungs, now the transplant as well that she deserves a happy life surely x

  24. Hi Dave, Becky & Emilie,
    Graeme told us of news of Emile’ s illness over Christmas. Great news that Emilie was well enough to have Op and fantastic news that you found a donor so soon. We’re so pleased to hear op went well and Emilie is on road to recovery.
    Look after Emilie and of course yourselves.
    Best wishes to all
    KR Duncan, Deborah, Hannah & Jessica xxxx

  25. My heart is your heart,praying for you & your beautifull little girl at this unfortunate time.Please,Please,Please, good luck with the chemotherapy & everything else that comes your way sweetheart,all our love the Watkins family,Ashford,Kent.

  26. Hi so sorry to hear your little girl is so poorly. Faye was telling me. Just wanted to leave a message to wish you all well. Your in my thoughts and prayers and that she is soon up and running around and that 2013 becomes a good year for you all. Best wishes Denise +John Saunt

  27. I am very touched by your story. My son had his liver transplant a little over 14 months ago at the LGI. He is now 2 1/2 years old and doing great. I wish you all the strength in the world. Keep your hope. Best wishes. PS: She looks gorgeous :-)

  28. Dear Emilie marina has told us about your problems.
    We hope you are feeling better now and we send you our best wishes.
    Big kisses to you and your parents, from viviane and Stephane.

  29. Have been thinking of you all!Must be so hard!Hoping that this year brings Emilie her health ,happiness and a bright future for you all to look forward to! Big hug from Elissia,Louise and the rest of the McCullough family x

  30. Dave, becki and emillie, sending all our love, you keep fighting girl you are a fantastic role model to other little people who are poorly right now. Love Claire,Tim,ollie & Blake Lyons xx

  31. It is so fantastic to hear that Emilie is doing well after her transpant, I can’t believe all the things that she (and you) have had to go through. She is amazing, We wish Emilie a continued speedy recovery. Love Lucy, Stewart, Jamie and Toby Wylie.

  32. When we first heard about emilie illness a cried a river and wondered how as parents do you cope with such news. The updates we have had have shown how amazing you both are as parents and what an incredibly brave little girl you have! You strength and willingness to share your story and journey is helping all those that have you in their thoughts everyday. Love and best wishes to you all and thank you for the blog. Kate,Dave,Harry,Ted,Alfie and Oliver Meir xxx

  33. Aww emilie shares the same birthday as my son who is 7 this year, he was 10 weeks premature and we had a roller coaster of a ride with that so i can not think were you get your strength from, and i am so touched to read about ur beautiful brave girl & i wish u all the very best x love ruth, barry, luke & zak ( liverpool ) xxxx

  34. Hi Becky,
    Not sure if you’ll remember me I helped you out at Rainbows along with Barbara. I read the story of your brave little princess in the Stockport Express. Sending lots of love an hugs to you all. Emilie is a beautiful little princess and I’m hoping that she is going to get much better soon!!
    Lots of love
    Sarah xxx

  35. I did race for life today Sunday 30th June 2013 at Tatton Park and listening to emilie’s story was so emotional and inspirational. She is an amazing little girl who everyone must be proud of. It just shows all our hardwork is worthwhile xxx

  36. My thoughts are out to Emily and her family! What a brave little girl, managing to battle something so emotional! Emily is such an inspiration for everyone out there who think there is no hope for people with cancer! Emily is one person that has bravely battled through and she represents hope! Thought are with you all!xxx

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